Can your users and servers be hijacked without detection?
Pick-Axe Mining Test

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      Clicking START above will attempt to use your Computer's CPU cycles to generate crypto-currency.

Many companies around the world are being used to mine currency unknowingly.

Use this tool to test the ability to hijack a user's PC or a Server by opening this page on the devices.

*All proceeds from this page go to charity*

click: the Pick Axe testing walkthrough


  1. Navigate to this page from the server or computer you want to test, click start if necessary
  2. If the hash numbers increase, you are successfully mining
  3. Check security systems for detection and prevention



***disable pop-up and script blockers***



Why disable script and pop-up blockers? 1) users turn off blockers all the time to let malware in, 2) security systems should alert that mining is happening, 3) regardless of the mining method, security systems should alert


What is does this test prove? What should happen? 

If you have the proper protections in place, when the miner runs, it should be detected on the network, web filtering, and edge firewall devices.  If the mining is prevented, the numbers will not increase.

Successfully mining proves that your network detection and local system EPP/EDR is not preventing miners from running. Sucessfully running the script means you are potentially vulnerable to Crypto-Hijacking, even if you had to turn off browser blockers to do so.



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